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I set up i3web so I could finally do something that
satisfied all three of my life-long cravings at the
same time; business, technology and creativity.
That's the best I have to offer my clients, my three
passions. Our extended teams grow and shrink
with project requirements - the people here are our
core, they've come together over time - we work well
and I'm very grateful to them.
Career journalist with 26 years in Fleet Street,
the last 10 as copy editor on the Financial Times specialising in international corporate coverage.
"The best websites keep it simple. Every word has
to work for its keep. It’s the difference between
amateur and pro.
Steve makes that difference.
When he's not climbing a mountain, trecking an
Indian forest or bullet dodging in a war zone,
Praveen is nailed to his PC.  His CMS skills and
experience bring much of the functionality to the
websites we build. He is a dedicated developer,
hard working and determined.  He has become a
true asset to i3web and a good friend.

A rare skills set, Alexandra is a linguist with IT,
graphic design and management skills. As a
project coordinator she is the key commincations
link with our off-shore developers. She undersands
exactly what is involved in bringing a project to
completion successfully and is without doubt the
essential catalyst. Nostrovia!
Kamelija speaks to the eyes! As our senior
graphics designer her skills are key in portraying
the critical messages. She has a great eye for
detail, quickly absorbing a brief she is able almost instantly to produce visual content that brings a
site to life.  Recently having had her second child,
many congratulations to her and Tomi.
All things technical; Alex, a highly skilled and
experienced coder, is an innovative, creative
quick thinker who has proved himself indisensibale
in planning, developement and building. A masters
in Computer Engineering & Economic Cybernetics,
he takes his chess and football seriously too if his
trophy cupboard is anything to go by!