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The Cloud


To be honest, some confusing things are written about 'The Cloud'. So let's get to the facts.

The cloud is essentially a network of extraordinary resources, just waiting for you to use, usually without any cost at all. It is safe, secure, reliable and proven. That's why most of your banks, insurance companies, utilities and major suppliers and customers have much of their IT vested in cloud computing.

Oddly, you probably already have more than enough computing power to be part of The Cloud!

So behind 'The Cloud' and easily within your reach is a whole host of services which will streamline your business and replicate all sorts of very expensive software for nothing.

  • Libraries
  • Co-working
  • Document handling
  • E-mail campaigning
  • Information exchanging
  • Networking
  • Finance controls
  • Business analysis
  • Pictures, video, multi-media
  • Internet marketing and advertising (including potential ad income)

i3web is expert in matching your business needs, in identifying resources which will save you time and money, cloud applications which will enhance your business practices and matching them to your current computing and personnel resources. Why not save money whilst making more money?

Want to know more about what 'the Cloud' can do for you? Simply request our Clouds for Smaller Businesses information pack