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50 free
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Search Engine Optimisation

On page SEO

Here’s the work we do that you’ll never see. We have more 100 vital factors which all go to provide your web site with maximum exposure, visibility and target attraction.

For instance, you’ll have heard about keywords – but did you know that there are some 20 keyword factors which can make or break your site’s effectiveness? Same with tags, metatags and links.

And then there is your content.

Saying what you want to say, saying what your audience wants to hear – these just aren’t enough anymore. It is how you say it, how your content is constructed and using all the SEO techniques that really matters. Copywriting for the web is no longer just spinning pretty words.

Off page SEO

Smaller company budgets don’t mean that advanced, sophisticated www-manipulation and exploitation aren’t fully available to you. Because they are with i3web. This expertise is built-in for every site we create and manage.

We have 30+ key criteria to apply to every website which boost its easy, fast ‘find-ability’. These range through a host of webmaster techniques from domain, URL and server through to links, search engine management and traffic driving methods. There’s more to a successful website than meets the eye.