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Basic Managed Hosting, Email and Traffic Monitoring

Our Basic Managed Hosting Package includes the following:

  1. Your website hosted on our secure Live Website Server
  2. Your email hosted on our dedicated Email Server
  3. Further version of your website hosted on our Development Server for updates, training and testing without interfering with your live website. 3 updates per year - development to live server and vice versa*.
  4. SSL certificate
  5. Updates and maintenance of server platform software stack
  6. Updates of your website CMS installation, plugins and components (subject to initial agreement*)
  7. Security measures to your website to reduce security vulnerabilities
  8. Weekly back-ups kept for 30 days*
  9. Restore from back-up*
  10. Restore after hack*
  11. Adequate disc space, bandwidth and processing allocations subject to fare use
  12. Email including IMAP/POP and webmail – 6 email addresses are included.
  13. Technical support via Skype and/or TeamViewer for email
  14. IP address unblocking request submissions – Yahoo, Hotmail, Google and AOL.
  15. Daily virus scanning
  16. Email anti-virus scanning
  17. 24 hour target response time on technical issues or faults
  18. Google analytics - where specifically requested

* Additional options

*3. Site copies: Additional updates available on request charged at £50 per copy/update.

*6. Where i3web Limited have built your website these updates will automatically be included in your managed hosting package. Where your site has been built by a third party we will need to confirm after testing your site.

*8. Additional back-ups and increased frequency available at £12 per copy/instance.

*9. On request i3web Limited will restore from the most recent unaffected back-up following receipt of your request to do so.

*10. Subject to notification within the time limits governed by your back-up schedule.

*12. Additional email addresses available and charged at £6 per month per address.


It is very important that you frequently check your website.

If your website becomes damaged or is hacked the faulty version will be backed up until you notify us. If you do not notify us prior to the last good copy being overwritten we cannot restore your website successfully.

As an example let’s assume you are on the basic back-up package of weekly kept for one month. Your backups will be taken on Monday morning at 1 minute past midnight. This will happen for 4 weeks in a row after which the oldest back-up will be overwritten by the most recent. So back-up 5 will overwrite back-up 1.

Now let’s assume your website is hacked on a Wednesday at 1pm. You notice the hack on Thursday and contact us to restore from back-up. We restore from the back-up taken on the Monday before your website was hacked – all you lose is any updates that might have taken place between the back-up on Monday morning and the hack on Wednesday lunchtime. Now assume you notice the problem a week later. You inform us but by then the most recent back-up will contain the fault because it was taken AFTER the fault occurred. Now the most recent good back-up will be 2 weeks old.

The longer the time between a hack or fault occurring and being noticed the older the restored version will be. If your back-ups are ‘kept for one month’ and you only notice a fault one month after it occurred we will not be able to restore a good copy of your site.

i3web Fully Managed Hosting